The use of sky lanterns is prohibited in Costa Rica

As of last February 15th, the Costa Rican government through the Ministry of Health, prohibited the use, marketing and manufacture of sky lanterns or so-called “Globes of desire”.

Sky lanterns in Costa Rica

Sky lanterns in Costa Rica

After several fires during the first minutes of the 2016 caused by these lamps, the Unit for the Prevention and Investigation of fires in the firefighters of Costa Rica carried out various tests with the “Globes of desire”, which confirmed how dangerous they can be.

The analysis determined that a piece of paraffin that contains the balloon can remain on for  an extensive period of time and fall on a plastic sheet (which are used on the roofs of the houses), or any other combustible material, has the potential to develop a fire in less than three minutes.

The firefighters further found that these balloons cannot be used in conditions where the wind speed is greater than the eight kilometers per hour and in Costa Rica regular winds are much stronger than that, so that the risk of more fires was patent.

“The sky lanterns, once launched, lose control and can fall in any site, so the risk in its use is very high. We undertook a struggle against its use and today we rejoice about the Government resolution” said Alexander Solis, Head of the Research Unit for the prevention of fires.


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