Talk a bit about the Rainforest Aerial Trams

Caribbean Rainforest Aerial Tram

Caribbean Rainforest Aerial Tram

What are your thoughts when you hear the word “rainforest”? Monkeys? Big trees? Tiny frogs? Cicada’s noises?

Well! It is all that but much more. The rainforest is a realm, a system so interactive that humans cannot grasp, on one or a thousand visits, all of its complexity and its wonders.

In terms of the programs’ participants, over the past few decades, research has cited numerous healing benefits of spending time in nature – a simple walk in the woods and sensing the rainforest can ease exhaustion and accumulated stress. Add in team-building activities, such as zip lining at night, a flora and fauna scavenger hunt or an hour spent in a butterfly garden, and this nature day out of the work meetings has even more stimulating and health value.

The Rainforest Aerial Tram have two main locations: The Caribbean (An hour and a half bus ride from San José capital city) and the Pacific Aerial Tram (accessible in the Central Pacific area, from Los Sueños Marriott, less than a half hour bus ride). They both give dozens of gondolas and each of them are escorted by a nature expert as a tour guide. In terms of “nature time” for the participants of any program, this is an ideal activity.

Caribbean Rainforest Aerial Tram: Situated just about 60 miles from the capital city of San José, was the company’s first rainforest aerial tram, introduced in 1994 with the non-invasive building respecting as much as possible the primary rainforest where it is located.

Rainforest Aerial Tram

Rainforest Aerial Tram in the Caribbean

The Pacific Coast Aerial Tram is located less than 20 miles from Los Sueños Marriott and features 18 gondolas that give rides to a maximum of 9 passengers each including one bilingual (English/Spanish) naturalist guide for a tour to the canopy of a rainforest that is situated right in the middle of two extremely rich types of forests: The dry forest and the humid rainforest.

There are several possibilities to enjoy in these areas, such as:

Tastes Like Color: Tastes Like Color consists of an evening filled with culture and in the middle of our park’s rainforest. This event takes place in the aerial trams restaurant featuring different stands and shops found in the authentic markets of Costa Rica, including handicrafts, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Rainforest Encounter: Rainforest Encounter is  a theme party with local artists, actors and dancers, where nature is combined with the artistic performances and great cuisine. (For the Pacific Aerial Tram only)

Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt is a special interactive activity for team building, a fun way to learn about the rainforest as well as a great group activity.

For Premio DMC, the aerial trams are some  of the most popular activities among participants for the immersion in nature, bird watching and wildlife sightings.

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