At PREMIO DMC we understand that incentive programs at this level are the golden opportunity to honor the outstanding efforts of those who have undertaken your company’s vision and mission as their own.

This is your company’s way of thanking, valuing, rewarding and motivating those who, within your company, represent its highest ideals and its reason for being.

It is within this major understanding that PREMIO DMC delivers solutions to motivate and amaze your company’s guests during their visit to Costa Rica.

We have always been one step ahead and acting as pioneers when it comes to devising activities and personalizing them in order to make your winners experience not only a great trip, but a life-changing event, one where they can learn, grow, and be a part of something significant while having the ride of their life!

PREMIO DMC has its own proven recipe to supply full-service destination management within Costa Rica and to design tailored programs, and it is based on a fresh approach calculated to enhance your objectives, strengthen your principles, and provide your guests with a journey that will forever impact their lives.