Team Building and CSR Projects

We specialize in Team Building activities, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, interactive Business Games and Organizational Effectiveness workshops.

At Premio Team Building we help our customers define the right activities to achieve their objectives and to appropriately motivate, integrate and engage participants.

The final result is flawless execution and a substantially motivated team!

Premio Team Building is an exclusively licensed partner of Catalyst Global for Costa Rica and Panama. Catalyst Global is the largest network of corporate games in the world.

We offer a wide variety of projects that can take place both indoors and outdoors. They have been proven to work internationally, to be culturally sensitive, and are flexible to adjust to your specific needs.

Our categories of team building programs include:

  • Working as One Team
  • Problem Solving
  • Active Team Building & Fun
  • Engaging Interactions
  • Creative challenges
  • Icebreakers & Energizers
  • Environment & Community Programs

Premio Team Building also offers customized CSR programs based on sustainability, accountability, and transparency where both companies and communities are benefited. These activities allow participants to raise awareness and to interact with local people while having an impact on their social development and quality of life. Our CSR programs incorporate a full spectrum of social responsilibity projects that adapt to your company's values and objectives, and the level of involvement that you would like to have".


PREMIO DMC has been pioneer integrating social projects into the incentive programs we create, especially activities that provide active interaction with local communities. Through this initiative, participants can help improve the development and quality of life of local children and social groups that are in vulnerable situations, while having a once in a lifetime experience.

CSR Coordinator in PREMIO DMC

We have a specialized CSR Department coordinated by a highly motivated social worker. Having a social worker in our team provides us with a multidisciplinary approach and a more holistic vision when designing project and activities.

CSR Projects - Life Changing Experiences

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi

What type of CSR projects do we offer?

PREMIO DMC has researched and scouted multiple types of activities throughout the country, ranging from significant donations of goods to full days of interaction with local people, kids and organizations from different Costa Rican communities. This allows us to customize CSR projects and activities according to the clients' interests and preferences.


75% of long-term success in jobs depends on soft skills.

The workshops provide participants theoretical knowledge, as well as experiences, through planned activities, enabling them to acquire skills and aptitudes to maximize their potential and their contributions to business success.

Our workshops are designed, developed and facilitated by certified executive coaches and professionals with vast experience in corporate business operations, marketing and talent management development.


The goals that drive these projects are numerous and very varied. They unquestionably involve teamwork, since the group works together to reach a common goal, and include the rise of loyalty, as the participants see their company go beyond its business arena and into caring for others.

Here's where the worth of these projects indeed resides, in the human factor, which rises above the language barrier and the cherry on top is that they are lots of fun and highly rewarding altogether.

This is an incentive events' option that works both ways: participants gain a feeling of accomplishment by being able to give back and leave their mark, and the communities' cultural projection and self-esteem rise to unparalleled levels.

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