Our Rainforest Theme


Rainforest… that is a magical Word!

It enhances all senses… Sounds, aromas, textures, colors, and spicy flavors seem to live in the air. Our eyes and ears are alert, while we are on a trail, the place it’s darker than we might think as only 20% of the light gets to the bottom of the jungle. And this gives it an even wider aura of mystery…

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The rainforest is one of the main reasons why many people come to visit Costa Rica every year. Living the intensity of the jungle is a dream for a real nature lover and an amazing experience to behold for anyone… And that is why at Premio DMC we decided to go for the Rainforest Theme in our events, bringing some of the natural wonders of Costa Rica to the hotel for all participants to delight in the rainforests of our country and the human creativity about them.

Talking about our Rainforest Theme, we talk about a dark, green and brown setting… with amazing color glittering here and there, live plants,  the usual ones you can find at the entrance of any trail in the forest, and of course the perfect light to fill everything with magic from the very start.

Table clothes compliment the natural colors… yes… But so much more! Every table is a tree, it has leaves, it has flowers and, of course, chairs are the trunks, in deep brown.  The atmosphere of each table is an iridescent glow that makes participants feel like Pandora’s (Avatar’s planet) inhabitants.

Birds of paradise, orchids and Heliconia are a treat that you can find everywhere… as it is in the rainforest. The pink, red and orange gifts of nature are here omnipresent as gorgeous and weird shape as they are!

Now Imagined all that and we haven’t mentioned the entertainment yet… Sounds and aromas that will make every participant to feel immersed in the enchanting rainforest realm.


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