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  • Participants can “shop” for the gift of their choice at their own Artisan Market, with play money. The gift selection includes an attractive variety of Costa […]
  • Combine the attractive variety of beach gear available in Costa Rica in a private Beach Market for your program! Most of our selected items are of […]
  • Guests are invited to walk through an exotic Flower Market especially arranged for them, where they select the tropical flowers and foliage of their choice. Expert […]
  • A fun Beach Party is definitively a fantastic way to celebrate having your program in Costa Rica! Surfboards, Calypso music, tropical cocktails, and a bonfire burning […]
  • Our Rainforest Live theme party recreates the mystic atmosphere of the tropical forests with real plants, exotic flowers, vines, moss and foliage. All this extraordinary nature […]
  • We invite you to dance the night away! Our Noche Latina themed function features a great live band playing, among others, a variety of hot Latin […]
  • Get ready to party! The Neon Carnival is by excellence one of the top after-party events. Intense black light neon colors, glow in the dark furniture, […]
  • From the bottom of the sea to your party, be ready to experience the wonders of the ocean in our Deep Blue themed event. Jellyfish, seashells, […]
  • Immerse yourself in the most authentic Costa Rican traditions. The Costa Rican expression “Pura Vida”, meaning “life is good”, will no longer be unknown to you. […]

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