North Pacific: Guanacaste Incentives

Bordering the northwestern area of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, the province of Guanacaste is a gateway to nature and beach adventures. It’s rich topography offers a variety of places, from stunning beaches to mind-blowing volcanoes and savannas to life-full tropical dry forests. Guanacaste is a land of culture and folklore, cattle ranches, dark-skinned local cowboys, and quaint towns.

From November to April, the province gets almost no rain and the sun hits hard.  Nevertheless, cool winds from the north lower the temperatures pleasantly along the coast from December to February. From May to October, the warm weather remains, but accompanied by occasional rain, usually in the afternoon.  The dry season here lingers slightly longer than elsewhere in Costa Rica.

Guanacaste offers you a wide variety of activities from the different hotels of the area:

Best Hotel Options in the area for your meeting or Incentive programs: