New Ecotourism Park, “Discovery Costa Rica” will open in 2020

Discovery Communications Inc. has announced that it will license its name for a $1 billion eco-tourism park in Costa Rica.| The new ecotourism park called “Discovery Costa Rica” opens its doors in 2020. The location of this park will be in the north of the country, near the town of Liberia.

Within the attractions that will be in Discovery Costa Rica, there will be a water park along with Discovery hotels and restaurants.

Visitors will enjoy different outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, and snorkeling. They will do this through various locations in Costa Rica. These will be located on the country’s beaches, parks, and volcanoes. The attraction focuses on biodiversity and conservation.

The developer is leading the Discovery Costa Rica project, Sun Latin America, is looking for ecotourism and adventure games, with a lower profile than other giants of the same type. While Disney and Universal have theme parks associated with their brands, Discovery does the same, as did Extreme Sports Company in Wales, with a focus on sports and exercise.

Leigh Anne Brodsky, executive vice president of Discovery Global Enterprises, said she wants viewers to “live the Discovery lifestyle beyond the experience of a television screen. Millennials are interested in an experience rather than just a chair on the beach.”

With traditional revenue streams such as cable TV fees and advertising, they are not growing as fast as before, licensing the brand gives Discovery a new, treasured revenue stream with growth potential.


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In Costa Rica

Officers of government, industry, and diplomacy met at the National Theater to know the details about the massive new adventure park that will open in Guanacaste in 2020.

Costa Rican officials responded at the press conference to environmental concerns about the project, which will include man-made water attractions in a region of the country heavily affected by droughts and water rationing.

Construction on the park, first announced by President Luis Guillermo Solís, will begin next year with an initial investment of $400 million, Discovery Costa Rica CEO John Scheman said at the event.

The company has already acquired an 880-hectare property located 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles) from Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. The property will host the Discovery Ranch, the center of the project that will also include Discovery Beach, Ocean, and Volcano.

Thomas Turner, chairman of Sun Latin America, the project development company, said the company is currently evaluating options for the location of the other three destinations, “but they all will be in Guanacaste.”

The ranch will include hotels, a hospital, school and wellness complex, bike and hiking paths, sports training facilities, an inland ocean, a water park and cabins, as well as outdoor spaces of dry forests, ravines, and canyon cliffs overlooking the Liberia River.

Scheman noted that Discovery Costa Rica will showcase Costa Rican “art, their music, and their folklore to the rest of the world.”

Job options

President Solís attended the press conference along with Vice President Ana Helena Chacón, as well as the Environment and Tourism Ministers Édgar Gutiérrez and Mauricio Ventura. U.S. Ambassador S. Fitzgerald Haney, lawmakers, various Guanacaste officials and tourism leaders also took part in the announcement event.

Solís welcomed the project and said Discovery’s decision to invest here shows that Costa Rica can commit to big investment and development plans “that are completely in line with our vision of sustainable development.”

Discovery representatives also confirmed that they will employ 2,000 workers during the construction stage and, once operational, will generate 4,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Vice President Chacón said they first heard of the project in 2015 when developer representatives presented them with the idea. Government officials have since held several meetings with the developers to agree on the project terms and requirements, Chacón said.



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