Invited by Poseidon… or our Aquamarine Theme Party

The Aquamarine Theme Party is a way for us at Premio to show a bit of the most mysterious, yet, gorgeous part of Costa Rica: The ocean. With its infinite movement, its salty taste, and its calming appearance.  Check the details here!

We all know that Costa Rica is surrounded by two very different oceans: The Pacific and the Caribbean. And actually, it takes six hours to go from one to the other. Our lives here are very influenced by them and anyone visiting will be touched by the weather created in their waters, the winds, or the beauty of the marine landscapes.

But even beyond that, there is a complete world of sensations that the sea creates: movement, sounds, aromas, textures, and the salt flavor in your mouth. Even if we are blindfolded we know when we are close to an ocean, because all our body senses recognize it.


And then there is the other part of the ocean… The ones only divers get in touch with. The silent bubbling noise, the waves’ gentleness, the magic of color in corals or fish drafts.

For us, at Premio DMC, creating an atmosphere that reflects this invisible and yet transcending environment is a challenge and certainly, a fun thing to do!

At first the goal! Our objective is for participants to feel into the ocean as if they were invited by Poseidon itself to this event. We do believe in generating a mermaid call that will make their minds open and sensations spin.

Then comes the environment, either outdoors or at a meeting room, the décor is done with movement everywhere… Fish hanging? No… because we cannot create the complete draft movement. But we certainly can achieve the graceful jelly fish whereabouts.

Together with moving clothes in different transitional tones and aerial dancers, the effect of being underwater can be astonishing.

And then, the details… There is a saying in Spanish: “The devil lives in details” meaning that details are where all the attention has to be put! As a little detail… or a group of them can make all the difference!

The use of soft textures and sounds, colors that mix to elaborate a fantastic undersea feeling, with reflective tablecloths, transparent materials, and lots of blues and turquoises in the table centers that reflect the richness of coral reefs and dancing fish, the theme party ends up into a wet, although totally dry, sort of adventure.

And if we put a jazzy band that can go from mellow to upbeat music, painters making marine landscapes and -through the enchantment of body painting- incredible oceanic creatures passing by or resembling moving statues, the whole event will make the lucky winners of the program, think that they have fallen into the twilight zone. And they will simply never forget it and probably talk about it many times for the rest of their lives.

And we, on the planning side, will smile in satisfaction of a well-done job.


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