Flowers in Costa Rica: A wide range of choices for your program

For the planet, in the tropical areas, there are no seasons, only one with two periods; dry and the rainy. This mixture, along with never a crushing cold, gives great diversity to the vital force of the area’s creatures and plants.

Costa Rica has a great variety of flowers to choose from, which are not only beautiful but also work as decoration and can be found throughout the rainforest.

Plants always have interesting and rare forms, since over the years they have found different ways of adapting to the climate to survive and grow.

Then three of the plants we use in our programs.



These beautiful flowers evolved to attract pollinators with their colors, which are also pleasing to the common eye. They can be found in red, pink, yellow, and orange.

They have wide leaves, very similar to those of the banana in their shape, and live in the inner part of the forest, always struggling to get some water and sun. These plants originate in America and are pollinated, almost exclusively, by hummingbirds.



They are American plants and make 20% of the plants in the rainforest. They are family members of the pineapple and can be found in tall branches, garbage collected and water floating in the air. In themselves, they are a habitat that gives water to creatures like the multicolored and poisonous frogs of the forest.

They have colors like dark green and light pink, along with bright reds and yellows.

They are aerial plants that survive almost everything, which makes them perfect for decoration of any environment, like entrances, tables, and isolated places.


Yes, orchids are popular, considered dramatic, exotic, and mysterious. They can be used as centers of tables or decorations that always work to give a touch of beauty to the place and color to the places. These plants are fantastic for floral arrangements, events, parties or dinners.




These beautiful flowers come from South Asia, and the tropics always gives them their welcome with its good weather.

They are elegant, with different textures and intense colors, as well as symmetrical, these are incredible for decoration, working for all types of events and parties. And not only this, but its leaves also work for wonderful arrangements for flowers.


Ginger Shampoo

Being also Gingers, the Ginger Shampoos are compact and beautiful. They live in the lower part of the forest, and their name comes from the perfumed and oily water they keep in them.

They are used as a centerpiece, and if they remain moist, they can go days without ruining themselves.

Ave del Paraiso (Strelitzia)

This is one of the best-known tropical flowers; it has leaves like leather. They have bird shapes with a vivid blue and a colorful orange.

They are beautiful and can endure for days without problems, their leaves with a gray-green and are used as decoration for events.


It has a fantastic shape for decoration with a wide spectrum of red, green, pink, and white colors, along with pastel combinations, the Anturios are in many places and are resistant to the weather and its conditions.

They can last for days and days as decoration.


There are plants that live all over the soil of the humid tropical forest and need three situations to survive;

  • Collect water
  • A bit of sun
  • Fight against predators such as Crickets.

This works for us to create unusual shapes and colors.








These are three plants that we often use in our programs to meet the highest quality standards. If you would like more information about the possible decorations in our programs, you can contact us by clicking here.

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