Why bring families to Costa Rica in an incentive program?

There has been a quite strong trend since 2013 to bring families to Incentive programs. Including the families can make participants happier and more excited about winning the trips.


Well! Let’s face it! Trends are telling us since 2013, that families are to be included in Incentive Programs!

In a study by the  American Sociological Review, nearly half of American workers usually bring work home. Busy parents are recognizing that more labor hours at home doesn’t equal quality time with their children.

In today’s way of life, participants have shifted to their incentive programs to gain back time with their families. Specifically, according to a Maritz national study, participants stated:
• “I want more family friendly rewards. Reward me with quality time back to my family.”
• “Family members, such as kids should be allowed to attend. Winning trips causes stress for associates with kids because it means less time with them.”

The study also found that nearly four out of five incentive travel participants without children believe that kids should be allowed to participate.

The benefits of family-friendly programs are obvious from the participants’ perspectives, but what’s in it for companies?

Actually better business results. Organizations that create programs that are more personally significant to their participants can deliver significantly improved results, simply by rethinking qualification and trip reward structure. For example, clients that offer family travel-oriented options may structure their program to include:

• Multiple travel choices, including adult-only and family options, as well as differing travel dates
• An enhanced qualification structure, increasing performance targets so participants can earn additional guest slots
• On-site reward and recognition activities designed to best suit the needs of the family

The participants find that going abroad, on a paid fun time without the kids… is simply not fun anymore. 25% of participants found to be a drawback to spend their time off, away from the family, according to an article by the Incentive Research Foundation (Page 17).

In terms of parenthood, quality time has proven, over the years, to be a solution for working parents and so is involving them in the work environment. Combining good quality time, the job and a lot of fun is a great solution for all of us with children and all the concerns that come with them.

Now… What makes Costa Rica a great destination to travel with the family?

Rainforest Aerial Tram

Rainforest Aerial Tram


1. It’s small! Oh! If we could have $1 for every time we hear in our lives the infamous traveling question: “Are we there yet?”!

Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia, yet, it concentrates, adventures, rainforests, wildlife sightings great hotels and gorgeous beaches (On two oceans) in its tiny territory! It is like a huge theme park altogether!

2. English speaking. Even though Spanish is the mother tongue for Costa Rica, education in the country is oriented to create a bilingual population. So, children can feel safe and comfortable as they get to be understood from their very early years, and understand what’s going on if they are older.


3. Costa Ricans are truly children friendly:  It is not a commercial, learned pose… Costa Ricans are into the pampering, smiling and getting on the knees to play with little ones! And teaching, joking and playing with older kids is also a common sight! You will see bellboys and waiters providing special attention and care to small children. Tour Guides giving two tours in one (One for the adults and one for the children) on the bus and everywhere you go, people will be trying to help as much as they can, without any false pretenses or expectations.

4. There is a little bit for everyone: Not only the kid’s clubs at the hotels, or the baby sitting great services… But! The real McCoy! From small children fascinated with monkeys jumping very close to happy teenagers sliding through the rainforest, there is a bit for every single age in the Costa Rican optional activities

5. Costa Rica food is not spicy (It actually can even seem bland at times!) and you can find things suitable for kids 2+ in any restaurant. Typical Costa Rican food is white rice, beans and some kind of grilled meat/fish so kids can usually find something to eat. Lots of fruit such as bananas, pineapple, papaya, and mango.


6. Costa Rica water is fine to drink and -unless you are specifically told not to- you can drink it from the tab.


7. Medical Care. We never want to think we’ll end there… But you just never know, and hospitals and clinics are simply everywhere in the country. Plus, in the capital city, you can find the National Children Hospital, which is one of Latin America’s best.


8. Special children’s activities: Hotels offer special activities for children while the parents are at meetings, dinners, etc. Even hotels that don’t have a Kid’s Club or Children Garden do it!


9. Lots of optional activities for participant companions:  There are all sorts of one day and half day activities that are optional to the winner’s companions.

10. U.S. Dollars are taken everywhere. For children and teenagers, it is easier as they don’t have to be changing it back and forth in their minds.



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