About Premio DMC’s Partnership with Pack for a Purpose

About Premio DMC’s Partnership with Pack for a Purpose

For many years, Premio DMC has proudly partnered with Pack for a Purpose (PfaP). It’s proven to be one of the most rewarding aspects of our journey as a group. Through PfaP, we've been able to channel the generosity of our guests towards meaningful projects, leaving a lasting positive impact on local communities in need.

The response has been nothing short of inspiring. Travelers to Costa Rica have embraced the opportunity to contribute to local initiatives supported by PfaP. It's heartening to witness their genuine interest in the specific needs of beneficiary communities, reflecting a desire to make a tangible difference during their travels.



Supporting Hogar Brotes de Olivo

For us, supporting projects like Hogar Brotes de Olivo is why we do it. This children's home provides a temporary haven for vulnerable kids, offering essential care and support in high-risk situations. Despite the tireless efforts of the staff, the home often grapples with shortages of basic necessities. Through the generosity of our guests, we've been able to lighten the load a little.

Some of the most requested products, such as food supplement powders, bars of soap or baby formula, may not seem like a lot to most travelers. However, you'd be surprised at the meaning it has for this essential project.

The donations that we have recently delivered to Hogar Brotes de Olivo included, besides the above mentioned items, diapers, moisturizing cream for babies, shampoo, liquid soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby wipes, laundry detergent, and dishwashing soap, among others. One group of travelers coming to Costa Rica from Germany found out about how the roof and metal posts of the children's home needed to be repaired, as they were old and rusty. In an incredible act of generosity, they donated the funds to buy the paint and the solvent. The difference is immense, as this has improved the maintenance of the facilities.



Why we partner with Pack for a Purpose 

Participating in PfaP has not only facilitated our social responsibility efforts but also provided reassurance to international travelers. The program's established reputation and transparent approach instill confidence that their contributions will directly benefit communities in need. Being part of PfaP is a source of pride for us, affirming our commitment to ensuring the positive impacts of tourism reach those who need it most.


Our partnership with PfaP exemplifies our commitment to sustainable travel by actively engaging in community development and support. Here's how our collaboration contributes to sustainable tourism and empowers local communities:

Empowering Local Initiatives: Through PfaP, we identify and support grassroots projects initiated and led by local community members. By focusing on initiatives like Hogar Brotes de Olivo, we help empower local communities to address pressing social issues within their own context.

Fostering Cultural Exchange: Sustainable travel emphasizes meaningful interactions between travelers and local communities. Through our partnership with PfaP, travelers have the opportunity to learn about the challenges and triumphs of the communities they visit, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Long-term Community Development: Sustainability is about long-term impact rather than short-term gains. By supporting projects like Hogar Brotes de Olivo consistently over the years, we contribute to the sustainable development of communities, laying the foundation for future growth and prosperity.

Promoting Responsible Travel Practices: At Premio DMC, we promote responsible travel practices among our guests. By educating travelers about the needs of local communities and encouraging them to pack with a purpose, we empower them to make conscious choices that benefit both the destination and its residents.


In essence, our partnership with Pack for a Purpose underscores the transformative power of collective action. Together, we're not just travelers but agents of change, enriching lives and fostering brighter futures in the communities we touch. As we continue on this journey, we're reminded that the true essence of travel lies in the connections we forge and the lives we impact along the way.

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