An update on the airlines that include the Costa Rica Departure Tax

For many years the Costa Rica departure tax ($29 per person) was paid at a stand at check-in at the airport. Now it may be incorporated in the ticket price depending on when you acquired tickets and which airline.




However for us at Premio is important that you have this information updated as much as possible just like our Airlift!

The following airlines already charge the exit tax amount into their tickets value:

Air Panamá
Air Canada
American Airlines
Grupo Avianca
Delta Airlines
Jet Blue Airways
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
Alaska Air Lines

These airlines have NOT yet included the exit tax value:

Interjet (November 2nd, 2016)
Volaris (November 2nd, 2016)
British Airways
Condor (November 2nd, 2016)
Air France (November 2nd, 2016)

Paying the Departure  Tax at the Airport

If the departure tax for Costa Rica is not included in the airline tickets, it must be paid in cash (U.S. Dollars, Costa Rican Colones or a mix) or by credit card (extra fees apply for credit cards) already when participants check in at the airline counter for your flight.

The tax is $29 per person (infants and children too whether they are occupying a seat or not).

Most of the tax goes to the Costa Rican government but also to improve airports, provide security and pay for marketing campaigns to try to attract more visitors.

There’s No Simple List – Participants must look at their ticket

The list as you see above comes from the airport report and is as updated as can be. However it’s impossible for passengers to be sure that just because they’re collecting now, they were collecting when the tickets were purchased.

The only way to be sure a passenger paid is the look at the taxes and fees listed on your airfare breakdown.

It Probably Won’t Say “Costa Rica Departure Tax.”

Each airline appears to have its language; it may say  “International Boarding Tax” and “Costa Rica Baggage Inspection Fee” or “Other taxes,” “Inmigration Fee,” totaling $29.

Participants or the company need to carefully inspect the tax breakdown on any tickets purchased or consider acquiring.


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