8 Reasons to choose Costa Rica for your incentive program meeting or event

Costa Rica for your incentive program or event… It sounds beautiful, a bit wild, full of nature… are there more reasons than those to take my event or program there?


Deciding on a destination for an incentive program or an event is always complicated.

As it often happens on these activities, the budget is pretty high and you must be quite sure which is the best option. However, the first thing to consider is the type of group that you are bringing, because to make it clearer Costa Rica is about nature, wildlife, adventures, gorgeous beaches and amazing landscapes.

In this post, we are aiming to give you some of the key factors that make Costa Rica to be a fantastic choice for any trip, either a vacation, an event or an incentive program.

1) Landscapes

Costa Rica has 31% of its territory consists of natural parks or protected areas. It is an excellent example of a country that has taken advantage of the immense biodiversity of their natural resources and has exploited them in a safe and organized way with tourism. Natural areas are scattered throughout its geography making possible a good trail through National Parks.

But a detail that is paramount is the diversity of ecosystems. In Costa Rica, we can find many types of nature. There are mystical cloud forests like Monteverde, breathtaking jungles like Carara, active volcanoes like Turrialba or Rincon, wildlife by the sea in Manuel Antonio, or roaring white water rivers like Pacuare on the Caribbean slope or Savegre on the Pacific.

Rincon de la Vieja

Rincon de la Vieja

2) Fauna

Usually, for visitors, it’s a surprise. Wildlife is expected to be seen in the depth of the jungle.

However, Costa Rica is a place where you can see monkeys and/or a sloth right from the highway on your way to the hotel. Depending on where you are in Costa Rica wildlife sightings are almost hard to avoid. This is a treat for nature lovers, birdwatchers, and photographers as colorful birds and exotic animals are a daily life sort of thing in this country.

Two Toed Sloth

Two-Toed Sloth

3) Adventure

In a country with so much nature, it is very easy to find excuses for adventure. You can practice hiking, tubing, diving, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking, rappelling and even flying from one mountain to the next in this outstanding variety of incredible adventures for your group.
For groups, there are fantastic choices on activities, either for team building or easy and simple fun.

Rainforest Canopy Tour

Rainforest Canopy Tour

4) Services

Costa Rica is ready for tourism and events. This means you can find affordable accommodations or extraordinary hotels. In general, hotels are made to experience and even enhance the sensations of nature.
Depending on the region you choose for your event, hotels are designed to enjoy the sun, the breeze, the ample mountain views, or the rainforest surrounded environments make the hotels a pleasure for the senses.

Mangroove Swimming pool

Mangroove Swimming pool

On the side of the events, theme parties, fireworks, gifts, transportation, specialized tour guides and musicians are easy to find and as serious as you may find in any first World country.

Catamaran tour in Tamarindo

Sunset sailing in Tamarindo

And finally on the side of safety and health, Costa Rica and Premio is part of this, is prepared in all instances to guarantee the safety of all participants in any adventure or event. If, however, medical services are needed, Costa Rica has a reputation for having one of the best medical services in the World with several choices in public and private hospitals.

5) Transport

Transportation in Costa Rica is first class, as well as diverse. Depending on what you want for your event or your incentive program. Either if you want a limousine, a helicopter trip or a first class four-wheel drive, or either a super-comfortable 40-50 seater bus or a 7 people mini-van, Costa Rica has all sorts of choices for any taste and need.
The road system has grown and improved over the last few years, and highways with breathtaking views across the country from coast to coast and border to border.

6) The size of Costa Rica

We must indicate the advantage of the small size of the country. The fact that it is a small country with such diversity puts in the hands of your group all this diversity. You can travel all over the country without aircraft or any means of transportation such as trains, etc. This fact gives us a freedom of movement that any traveling group wants.

big_map7) Security

Costa Rica is a country without an army and was the first nation to abolish it in 1948. One of the realities of Costa Rica is its political stability and its general security.
As you may already know, Costa Rica has a large population of retired Us and Canadian citizens (As much as Europeans) living among the territory. As well as a very large number of US companies are installed and work from Costa Rica. This is no coincidence. Costa Rica is safe.

8) His people

Costa Ricans are friendly and aware of the role of nature and tourism for their livelihoods. In general Costa Ricans will go out of their way to help the participants in any way you can think of.
Smiles and waves are a usual sight in the country when you are traveling through and from the classiest hotel reception desk to the most remote and humble grocery store; people are authentic in their smiles and their gentleness.

The “Pura Vida” (Pure Life) saying (the Costa Rican motto) is truly a way to depict how intense the country is and how alive your participants will feel as you choose this magical land to celebrate and enjoy life!

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