2 Confirmed cases of Zika Virus in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Health Ministry confirmed that two women in the North Pacific Region (Area of Samara Beach in Guanacaste), are the first two confirmed cases of locally acquired Zika virus.

Health alert

The ministry’s director of vector control, Rodrigo Marín, confirmed that the ministry has declared a health alert for Nicoya county, on the North Pacific area. The alert status allows the ministry to launch an active search for patients with fever and other symptoms in that community. It also triggers a health protocol that includes visits to fumigate homes, distribute information and allocate resources for the local municipality.

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“In the past few days we have fumigated no less than 3,000 homes in Sámara,” Marín said.

Zika Virus mosquito

Zika Virus mosquito

Minister Llorca said so far this year officials have tested  51 people for Zika, including the two women already confirmed as positive. “If we find more cases and we can confirm an outbreak, we are ready to ask the executive branch to approve an executive decree declaring a national emergency,” he said.

Before the two confirmed cases, Costa Rica registered only two cases of Zika virus contagion, both of whom were infected abroad.  However the Health Ministry had reported the case of a U.S. man who presented symptoms last month, but he left the country before he could be tested. Although it is not clear if the man was infected here, a few days later the ministry received confirmation from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which prompted the inclusion of Costa Rica in the list of countries with active circulation of Zika virus.

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Source: The Tico Times

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